Service to Safety™ Training  

Workplace Violence Prevention

Practical Skills

From coast to coast, ARETE’s award winning training is the most practical, realistic and immediately useful curriculum on the market.

Job Specific                 Relevant                     Engaging                     Entertaining

Training Response Guarantee: Unlike any other Workplace Violence Prevention training program available in Canada, you will receive overwhelmingly positive employee response with each and every ARETE session, guaranteed!

ARETE covers the essential elements of managing workplace violence; right from the critical early response to client agitation through to escalated behaviours. Participants learn to assess levels of threat and make safe and effective choices in response to dynamic, real life situations.  

  • Practical skills and engaging ARETE Training Specialist
  • Job specific content
  • Realistic and spontaneous role-play
  • Expert coaching and feedback

ARETE training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the participants. Our unique approach ensures participants walk away from training with the practical tools to do their jobs safely.

Our Guarantee

ARETE Training Response

ARETE training is overwhelmingly successful in every workplace it is delivered.  We proudly stand by the claim that our training will be one of the most amazing training workshops, of any kind, that your organization will ever provide its employees.  In fact....

We will provide a full refund for any ARETE workshop that isn't extremely well received by your employees and we will donate $500.00 to a charity of your choice.  GUARANTEED!

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Service to Safety™ Training