Workplace Violence Risk Assessment


ARETE’s Risk Assessment process gains the most objective, realistic and useful information possible. We recognize and analyze both the dynamic nature of human interaction and the unique organizational structures in each workplace.

ARETE utilizes a number of approaches to gain insight into the level of risk, the nature of risk, and the various factors that may affect risk for violence and overall management of risk. The ultimate goal is to assist clients in finding practical solutions for effectively addressing workplace violence and compliance related concerns. These solutions strengthen the organization’s position of compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The following broad objectives are kept in mind during the RA process:

  • To provide an objective overview of the nature and extent of concerns regarding workplace violence.
  • To review current work practices, procedures and other aspects of operations that may be related to the risk of violence.
  • To provide recommendations which enhance worker safety and will lead to a strengthened position of compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Workplace violence is often viewed as a relatively subjective hazard when compared to other areas of occupational health and safety. Environmental design and physical security are important considerations throughout the assessment; however, some emphasis is placed on staff /client interactions and work processes, as these factors ultimately affect the level of risk more than the physical environment itself. 

Consulting Services

ARETE’s consulting services are used by organizations for numerous reasons: 

  • analyzing respectful workplace culture
  • resolution of specific workplace conflicts and/or violence situations
  • review and audits of existing programs
  • management coaching
  • regulatory compliance
  • management of identified safety concerns