OnSide Workplace™ Bullying and Personal Harassment: Response & Prevention

A majority of employees and supervisors understand what it means to conduct themselves in a way that fosters, enhances, and is generally consistent with a productive, professional, and respectful work environment. The real issue for employees is having the motivation, courage and assertiveness to speak up effectively to deal with concerns early on. Even in some of the most challenging and/or toxic work environments, OnSide workplace bullying & harassment training has had immense success.

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Hugh Pelmore - Arete workplace bullying & harassment training Whistler

OnSide Workplace™ sets the stage for a positive shift in how individuals view and respond to workplace conflict. We present a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that encourages staff and supervisors to assume responsibility and take action to create a workplace that people enjoy being a part of.


  • Increased morale and productivity
  • Reduced claims and PR liability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced turn-over and absenteeism


The training provided by ARETE’s team is top notch, relevant, and engaging, leaving our staff asking for more!

Okanagan Regional Library

Comments from staff included “that was the best training workshop I’ve ever been to”, and “the presenter made the content so interesting and engaging”. We have used ARETE for our training programs and we look forward to continue to use them in the future.

Legal Services Society

“Very through training and made me think on ways to be a better worker and co-worker.”

Convoy Supply ltd.

“I would recommend this to co-workers. In fact, it would be something to consider as a department team workshop.”

City of Nanaimo

ARETE Training at DisruptHR YVR



ARETE Training’s CEO and President, Hugh Pelmore, was invited to speak at DisruptHR YVR, where speakers were given five minutes to educate and inform the audience in their chosen specialty.

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