Additional Corporate Safety Training

Although not every employee has contact with customers or clients, personal safety is an important subject for anyone whether on or off the job. ARETE’s corporate safety training is suited for employees who have limited to no contact with customers or clients, but still offers them the opportunity to take responsibility for their safety in their daily life as well as with keeping their workplace secure.

Personal Safety

For many people, personal safety can be an emotionally stressful topic and it can be overwhelming to even begin thinking about how to deal with the possibilities. Some may believe that they have no choice in how they might respond to a situation or they are so busy preparing for the “inevitable” crisis, they fail to realize that simple steps can be taken to avoid or prevent such events.

Arete September 2009 Whistler Conference Centre

This empowering and humorous presentation provides your employees with a much needed shift in perception regarding risk, along with some basic strategies that can be used to enhance their safety and that of their families.

Topics include:

  • Safety on the commute (walking or taking transit)
  • Travel safety
  • Safety in the home
  • Appropriate awareness and assessment
  • Managing fight or flight response
  • Personal risk assessment boundary

Personal Safety and Corporate Security

Security measures alone do not guarantee a safe or secure workplace. All too often, access control is left to security personnel and systems, and the vital role of all other staff in a facility is overlooked. Involving your employees not only improves security, but also gives them a sense of responsibility and control in maintaining a safe and secure environment. It is essential for staff to be motivated to consider corporate safety training plans and picture themselves responding positively to the possibilities.

Employees will be empowered to become actively involved in your security plans and assume a higher level of personal responsibility for their safety and that of their co-workers.

Arete September 2009 Whistler Conference Centre


Principles of awareness, recognition of warning signs, and preventative strategies will be highlighted, as well as:

  • Employee buy-in on security protocols
  • Displaying ID
  • Increased awareness and confidence to approach those without ID
  • Awareness of emergency plans
  • Reporting of suspicious people and circumstances
  • Enhanced understanding of perceived risk and actual risk
  • Safety on the commute (transit, walking)
  • Work alone after hours
Protest conflict management

Protest Conflict Management

Protest-related conflict can be encountered in many work settings, presenting a range of concerns and liabilities, from staff safety and stress to negative publicity and business interruptions. When faced with demonstrations, blockades, office takeovers, or other forms of face-to-face conflict, a cool-headed and objective approach is critical in achieving the most desirable outcome.

Participants learn how to deal with these emotionally-charged situations in the most productive and professional manner possible. This realistic, interactive and entertaining session motivates staff to work effectively as individuals and as a team, while not getting drawn into the ‘us against them’ frame of mind.

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