Photo Gallery

Hugh Pelmore is presenting at the Fraser Valley Regional Libraries staff training day. 

Hugh Pelmore is showing participants from Fraser Valley Regional Libraries how not to set a boundary.   

University of Western Ontario staff engaged in a workshop provided by ARETE.    

Hugh Pelmore in character during a role play at the BC Municipal Safety Conference held in Whistler.   

Participants always have a good time at Hugh Pelmore’s Service to Safety workshop while learning immediately useful information.  

Suzanne Powell connects with participants during a Service To SafetyTM workshop.   

Participants working on setting boundaries while the Training Specialist for National Programs moves in.

BCTC employees having a laugh during a Service To SafetyTM workshop.

Shangri-La employees look on as Hugh Pelmore facilitates a customized workshop during their grand opening orientation.

A participant is engaged in realistic role play.

Laughter plays an important role in every ARETE workshop.

A participant displays their response to a heated client interaction.

Participants enjoying ARETE's fun and interactive format.

Participants from Parking Enforcement relating to real life examples and immediately useful strategies during ARETE's Service to SafetyTM Workshop.   

ARETE's Training Specialist using humour to drive the point home.

ARETE workshops are always interactive and participants play a pivotal role in the training.

ARETE Service to SafetyTM continuum at work.

Setting boundaries outside of Vancouver's City Hall.

Service with a smile demonstrated by a City of Vancouver staff member.

BCTC employees getting set for a Service to SafetyTM Workshop.

ARETE Training Specialists are always engaging, animated and passionate about the subject matter.