Our Team

Training Specialist Criteria

ARETE uses an exhaustive process to seek out and select the most charismatic and engaging Training Specialists. These dynamic trainers have a number of special qualities that set them apart from the standard presenter. ARETE Training  Specialists have the unique ability to create realistic scenarios, connecting with participants like no other provider can. All ARETE Training Specialists must go through an intensive 4 months of training. Once certified, they are required to facilitate ARETE training sessions on a regular full time basis. ARETE Training Specialists are the best in the business and bring to each workshop:

     »    Thorough knowledge base

     »    Dynamic delivery style

     »    High caliber acting skills

     »    Great sense of humour

     »    Intuitive training sense

     »    Coaching finesse and tact

     »    Ability to adjust the program on the fly to meet the needs of the participants

Our Training Specialists

Suzanne Powell

Senior Training Specialist, National Programs

Suzanne successfully completed the ARETE Trainer’s Intensive Certification program in 2007 and has since facilitated Workplace Violence Prevention training for upwards of twenty thousand employees from a variety of industry sectors including Health Care, Municipal and Provincial Governments, Crown Corporations, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Social Services and Security. Suzanne provides ARETE Service to Safety™ and OnSide Workplace™ training on a daily basis, throughout the year. Employees ranging from low to high risk have participated in her dynamic and humorous training sessions.

Suzanne’s previous employment involved managing extremely challenging clients in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Her real world experience in managing extremely challenging people and circumstances is second to none. From British Columbia to Newfoundland, her quick wit, deep knowledge base and ability to connect with participants makes her a truly great trainer, consistently getting the results that ARETE clients have come to expect with each and every program delivered by ARETE.

Suzanne looks forward to hearing from you at: suzannepowell@arete.ca

“Thanks, Suzanne did a great job! I heard from almost every guy that this was some of the best training that they had been involved in for a long time. I have already recommended her to the rest of our management group up here."

“Suzanne, the instructor, was an excellent teacher and role playing model. She represents a great passion for what she does and what she teaches. Great Workshop. I learned how to defuse a bad situation and still walk away with respect for all involved.”

Whitehorse Correctional Centre

“Suzanne was excellent, very engaging, good use of humour. One of the best workshops I’ve attended. It was realistic. I have done a lot of mediation/conflict resolution, (military/security) this was one of the best I have attended. Well done!”

Hugh Pelmore

President, CEO, Senior Training Specialist

Hugh Pelmore is the founder of ARETE safety and protection inc., a leading Canadian firm that has specialized in the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict for over two decades. Hugh is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced violence prevention experts in Canada, having personally facilitated over 4500 customized Workplace Violence Prevention training sessions throughout North America, in virtually every industry sector.

Hugh’s knowledge and expertise, along with the company’s ongoing research and program development, has also made ARETE safety and protection inc. highly sought-after in the specialized area of behaviour assessment, coaching, and management consulting. Hugh is often requested as a desired speaker on a variety of subjects related to violence and conflict at professional conferences and conventions throughout North America. He has also been an expert guest on local and national TV, radio and print media
. According to Hugh, his greatest accomplishment is being the lucky dad to two lovely children. “I love them more than chocolate, sunshine and ice cream.”

Hugh welcomes you to contact him at: hughpelmore@arete.ca

“Hugh, your presentation was not only informative and practicable – it was extremely entertaining. We all came away feeling empowered in our ability to effect change in a positive, proactive manner – there was and is, quite a lingering ‘buzz’ from your session!”

“The Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver has had the distinct pleasure of working with Hugh Pelmore and ARETE safety during our pre-opening phase. ARETE was able to engage a broad demographic of employees to the importance of safety through humor and an impactful demonstration."

“This was the most well received and successful workshop I have coordinated to date. I attribute this success to the lively, entertaining, and informative presentation given by Hugh Pelmore.”