Our Philosophy and Approach

ARETE does not simply theorize, we provide solutions.

Given the appropriate knowledge and skills, we are all capable of making informed, effective, and safe choices when facing conflict and violence.

ARETE’s training approach is practical, relevant and engaging, setting a standard that is unique in the industry. The most important factor in the successful delivery of conflict and violence training is the engagement of participants in real-life interactions. Our Training Specialists engage participants with considerable acting skills as well as specific knowledge of the participant’s workplace in order to create opportunities for participants to learn and practice skills through actual experience.

ARETE’s curriculum is designed to create a shift in how participants view and respond to conflict and violence. The necessary shifts are created through role-plays, engaging dialogue and poignant anecdotal stories that challenge participants to objectively think about their response to conflict and understand that they have choices.

Critical to the success of ARETE training is that the curriculum and the instructor’s philosophy are the same. Therefore, there are no contradictions or inconsistencies. This is extremely important in order for participants and the organization to be confident about the skills staff is learning.

ARETE’s Realistic Approach to Role-Playing Aids Learning

Role-playing is a vital part of every ARETE workshop. Due, in part to the reality created by the Training Specialist, almost all participants report very much enjoying this amazing learning experience. ARETE Training Specialists create true to life scenarios and respond realistically to the participant’s response and interaction.

Service to Safety - Workplace Violence Prevention workshops provide job specific scenarios that require participants to assess the dynamic threat presented and make safe and effective choices in response. From low level client agitation through to more escalated behaviours including verbal abuse, verbal threats and acts of violence, the continuum of conflict is addressed.

OnSide Workplace™ - Bullying & Personal Harassment: Prevention and Response workshops present co-worker behavior challenges that require a cool headed, assertive, and professional response. Some of the behaviours that are addressed include bullying, personal harassment, rumours etc. Participants are given the opportunity to build confidence while practicing the skills gained through the session.

ARETE’s  no-nonsense, straightforward approach ensures conflict is dealt with early on regardless of whether it is related to the general public, clients, or co-workers. By using everyday communication and, if necessary, following appropriate processes, unwanted behaviours can be successfully defused, managed, or avoided.