Our History

Founded in 1992, ARETE safety and protection inc. (pronounced – a ‘reh tay) has developed a unique approach to the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict, setting us apart as the industry leader.

ARETE workshops receive acclaim as the most relevant, effective and well researched programs available; consistently praised for having a profoundly positive and empowering impact on participant’s work and personal lives. Clients and their employees have expressed that ARETE training shows benefits far beyond the enhancement of workplace safety and positive workplace culture.

Many of our clients utilize our training expertise year after year. In fact, several of our clients today have used ARETE training for almost two decades. Our goal is to keep our clients extremely satisfied through consistent delivery of well researched, and cutting edge training. Each and every workshop is extremely well received and highly rated; EVERY WORKSHOP!

To consistently provide the most relevant, engaging and practical training, we require that all of our Certified Training Specialists facilitate ARETE sessions on a regular basis as full time facilitators for ARETE. We do not utilize the services of part time or subcontracted facilitators.