Our Guarantee

ARETE Training Response

ARETE training is overwhelmingly successful in every workplace it is delivered. We proudly stand by the claim that our training will be one of the most amazing training workshops, of any kind, that your organization will ever provide its employees. In fact…..

We will provide a full refund for any ARETE workshop that isn’t extremely well received by your employees & we will donate $500.00 to a charity of your choice. GUARANTEED!

ARETE Training is That Good

We have facilitated thousands of workshops throughout North America, for virtually every industry. All participant feedback forms are collected and provided to clients after each and every workshop. We encourage Training Co-ordinators to carefully read through all feedback, speak with attendees and contact us with concerns of any type. In the past 20 years, we have not had a single client inform us that a participant group was not overwhelmingly satisfied with ARETE training.

ARETE’s Unique Workshops

ARETE has thoroughly researched and developed our own unique training curriculums. Rest assured our workshops aren’t just another rehash of conflict resolution, crisis intervention, tactical communication or respectful workplace. ARETE training is engaging, practical, immediately useful and has stood the test of due diligence. Benefits of ARETE training are far reaching.

Note: We do not utilize the services of sub-contracted trainers or part time facilitators. All ARETE Training Specialists are full time employees, who facilitate our training on a full time basis.

What About Re-certification?

Many of our clients proactively choose to organize retraining or refresher workshops every one to two years. ARETE does not require that you have to re-certify your workers in costly recertification cycles. ARETE training minimizes liability by focusing on staff safety. We do not provide a physical component in our workshops. We focus on the prevention of workplace conflict and violence.