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Bullying & Personal Harassment: Response and Prevention Training

A different approach and it works!

Effectively manage co-worker conflicts and increase your bottom line.

This highly interactive and entertaining workshop provides participants with real world skills, confidence and motivation to pro-actively manage a variety of conflicts and unwanted behaviours that are all too common in workplaces. It sets the stage and context for a positive shift in how individuals view and respond to workplace conflict. We present a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that motivates staff to speak up using ‘everyday communication’. ARETE can cover everything from annoying behaviours and bullying to personal harassment, human rights and escalated co-worker conflicts.

An immediately useful workshop that your staff will love!

In any workplace, most people understand how to conduct themselves in a way that fosters, enhances, and is generally consistent with a productive, professional, and respectful work environment. Rather than merely educating staff on how to behave or describing “what a respectful workplace is”, most employees, supervisors and managers need the motivation, assertiveness and confidence to effectively speak up and manage conflict early on.

A no nonsense approach to dealing with unwanted behaviours that if not managed effectively can lead to a negative work environment, safety concerns, turnover, and reduced productivity.

Set the stage for a healthy and positive work environment. Give staff and supervisors the tools to manage conflicts early on, and get your workplace back on side.

Our Guarantee

ARETE Training Response

ARETE training is overwhelmingly successful in every workplace it is delivered.  We proudly stand by the claim that our training will be one of the most amazing training workshops, of any kind, that your organization will ever provide its employees.  In fact....

We will provide a full refund for any ARETE workshop that isn't extremely well received by your employees and we will donate $500.00 to a charity of your choice.  GUARANTEED!

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