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Welcome to ARETE's 1st Newsletter!

It's an exciting time at ARETE as we approach our 20th anniversary of 'coast to coast' service. We are launching a newsletter to keep you informed of recent developments, trends and preventative solutions regarding conflict and violence at work.

ARETE'S progressive and cutting edge training, continues to evolve as we carry on working with a wide variety of public and private industries.  From Provincial Government in Newfoundland to all Government Ministries in BC, the response to our product has been overwhelming. ARETE endeavours to be Canada's leader in this specialized field with our unique catalogue of immediately useful, job specific and engaging training.

ARETE'S Website Launch

ARETE is proud to present our new website which hit the World Wide Web in May of 2012. The site is interactive, full of resources and easy to navigate. In a glance you’ll see some new areas such as featured clients, newsletter, a twitter feed, and Service to Safetyblog. ARETE’s new site will be updated regularly, with exciting new areas coming soon, so be sure to visit often. One of the areas that will be coming soon is ARETE’s Wall of Recognition.

There are now a variety of ways for you to connect with us and we’d love to hear from you. After all, we are now reaching workplaces across our country due to your continued confidence and support of ARETE products and services.  If you have questions, comments, requests, stories, pictures, or links, please feel free to share them with us. We’re just a click away.

The Service to Safety™ Blog

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet ARETE’s President and CEO, Hugh Pelmore, you know that he’s a wealth of information. As an expert in the field of workplace conflict management and violence prevention, Hugh is a coveted Keynote Speaker, Training Specialist, Author, and an expert guest on local and national TV, radio and print media. In response to a great deal of client interest, we created a space for Hugh to share his insights with our clients and the public in a format that was easily accessible to all.

Not only will Hugh offer helpful tips but his blog will also be a great platform to respond to questions. Read more at www.arete.ca/_blog/Service_to_Safety_Blog and sign up for our RSS feed so you don’t miss an entry. And remember to be sure to let us know what you’d like to see in the blog. If you have questions about workplace conflict, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one.


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