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We are very pleased to present BC Hydro with the “Commitment to Safety” plaque and showcase them as our featured client. Since 1996, BC Hydro has taken steps to minimize the potential for incidents of workplace violence by providing employees with ARETE Service to Safety TM – Workplace Violence Prevention training. Field staff and office workers have participated in customized ARETE workshops. BC Hydro has also made ARETE Personal Safety workshops available for those interested in enhancing safety for their commute between Lower Mainland office locations. As a premier provider of workplace violence training and consulting, we applaud the company’s significant efforts to promote workers safety. Congratulations on being rated at the Silver Level of our Service to Safety TM Excellence recognition program and being selected as our featured client.


Service to Safety TM – BC Hydro Employee Testimonials

One of the best training courses I’ve had to attend. Valuable and entertaining.

“Real” situations – associated with “real dialogue” rather than “workplace conflict exploration” approach.”

Brought in humour and role playing into the presentation which made it enjoyable and a great experience."

Thanks so much for delivering a very worthwhile and engaging presentation.”

Great workshop – full of valuable knowledge applicable to all aspects of life."


Service to Safety TM BC Hydro Manager Feedback

Thanks, Suzanne did a great job! I heard from almost every guy that it was some of the best training that they had been involved in for a long time. I have already recommended her to the rest of our management group up here. Thanks again for your help in getting this organized.

BC Hydro Line Manager


I first attended one of ARETE’s Violence in the Workplace seminars while working with BC Hydro in the 1990’s. While attending the training, I was very impressed with the content and the way in which the training was delivered. The Instructor, Hugh Pelmore used his personal experiences and the right amount of humour to get his point across. The people attending the training were given the opportunity to practice their new skills by participating in several role playing scenarios.

 The ARETE group worked with us to help tailor a training program that would help focus their training on what our greatest needs were when it came to our employees’ safety. Since that time, Hugh Pelmore and the ARETE group have provided Violence in the Workplace training to over 300 of our employees. The feedback that we have received from employees has stated that the training has given them a greater awareness of their personal safety, as well as what they can do if they are put in one of these situations.”


Field Operations Manager,

Distribution Services, BC Hydro

Client Description

BC Hydro

About our facilities

BC Hydro operates 31 hydroelectric facilities and three thermal generating plants, totaling 12,000 megawatts (MW) of installed generating capacity. Our hydroelectric facilities provide over 95 per cent of the total electricity we generate and are located throughout the Peace, Columbia and Coastal regions of B.C. Our three thermal generating plants provide the remaining electricity generation.

We deliver electricity to our customers through a network of over 75,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution lines, approximately 300 substations, 900,000 utility poles and 325,000 individual transformers. The system connects with other transmission systems in Alberta and Washington State, which improves the overall reliability of our system and provides opportunities for trade.

A crown corporation

BC Hydro reports to the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, whose energy policies are laid out in the 2007 BC Energy Plan. Several elements and targets included in that plan were updated in the Clean Energy Act of 2010.


BC Hydro's vision is "Powering B.C. with clean, reliable electricity for Generations". This vision provides the context for our business decisions.

Strategic objectives

  • Safely keep the lights on
    Reliably meet the electricity needs of our customers through integrated planning, technology and safely operating, maintaining and advancing our system.
  • Mind our footprint
    Create a sustainable energy future in B.C. by carefully managing our impacts on the environment and fostering an energy conservation and efficiency culture.
  • Succeed through relationships
    Gain support for our work by building trusted relationships with customers, suppliers, First Nations and the communities we serve.
  • Foster economic development
    Foster economic development opportunities across B.C. through our projects, practices and advancement of the clean energy sector.
  • Maintain competitive rates
    Deliver value for British Columbia and maintain competitive rates by efficiently and responsibly managing our business.
  • Engage a safe and empowered team
    Empower a team that is innovative, prepared for the future and committed to safety.

Core values

BC Hydro has six core values essential to the company's success:

  • Safety – keep safety first in mind, heart and action
  • Accountability – take ownership, be decisive and move forward
  • Teamwork – One Hydro – make it happen together
  • Integrity - do the right thing
  • Service - proud of our service
  • Ingenuity - create resourceful solutions