International speaker Hugh Pelmore is one of Canada's top experts on Workplace Conflict Management and Violence Prevention.  He is always one of the most popular speakers at every conference he attends.

Humourous! Engaging! Interactive! Educational!

"As past President of the BC Municipal Safety Association and Chair of our every three-year annual safety conference, I strongly recommend Hugh Pelmore as a presenter for conference or training venues.

ARETE Safety & Protection Inc. presence was a key ingredient to the success of the past two BC Municipal Safety Conferences.  Their presentations were consistently rated by conference participants as one of the best sessions they attended and rated by the conference committee as a must have at every conference.

Hugh’s interactive seminars and humour are their strength and are ideal for a conference atmosphere.”

            Manager, H&S

Do you want Hugh to give an engaging, interactive and fast paced keynote or presentation at your upcoming event or conference? He’ll be sure to be a highlight of your conference or event. To book Hugh please fill out a request form, or call us at 604.732.1799 and toll free at 1.877.337.1122.

Industrial Accident Prevention Assn. Safety Conference

2000: Practical Approaches to Violence Prevention for Frontline Workers

2001: OHS & Violence: Innovative Solutions

National Safety Conference

2000: OHS & Violence: Innovative Solutions

2003: Co-Worker Violence; People Don’t Just Snap

BC Council for Families - Don't Stand Still: Innovation and Today's Families

 2013: An Introduction to ARETE's Service to Safety TM


BC Municipal Safety Conference

1996: Violence Prevention for Frontline Workers

1999: Nuts & Bolts of a Violence Prevention Program; Development and implementation

1999: Work Alone: Regulatory and Violence Prevention Perspectives

2002: Implementation of Effective VP Training in the Municipal Setting

2005: Co-worker violence: They Don’t Just Snap

2007: The Prevention of Co-Worker Violence

2009: 1) Violence in the Workplace: A Real World Approach

      & 2) Some Will Bully at Work If We Let Them

2011: 1) Controlling Your Emotions when Dealing with Challenging Clientele

      & 2) Demystifying the Toxic Workplace (Co-worker and Customer)

Western Canadian Conference on Safety

1999, 2000: Workplace Violence Prevention for Frontline Workers

2001: Nuts & Bolts of a Violence Prevention Program

2013: 1) Are Your Co-Workers Driving You Crazy

         2) Controlling Your Emotions When Dealing With Challenging Clientele

Risk and Insurance Management Society, Western Canada/U.S. Conference

2000: Personal safety for Business Travelers

Risk and Insurance Management Society, North American Conference, New Orleans

2002: The Human Element in Corporate Security; post 9/11 access control

Risk and Insurance Management Society, Canadian Conference

2003: Co-Worker Violence: Practical approaches from a Risk Management Perspective

Pacific Institute on Addiction Studies

2003: Violence Prevention Awareness: the link to stress reduction for addictions professionals

Fraser Valley Regional Library

2010: Code of Conduct: Dealing with Difficult People

Upper Island Safety Conference

2011: (Keynote) Are your Co-workers Driving you Crazy?

     & (conference session) Workplace Violence – Stop Trying to Control the Customer

Canadian Mental Health Association

Workplace Strategies: Dealing with Mental Disorders, Bullying, Harassment, and Violence

2013: Bullying & Harassment: Response and Prevention & Workplace Violence Prevention


Ledcor Sales Conference

2016: ARETE's Service to Safety TM

Conferences and Additional Training